Press Release Submission Guidelines

Our goal at Online PR Media is to help you gain visibility for your company. To remain a trusted source for search and journalists; the news releases we publish must meet certain quality guidelines. Following these guidelines helps you create a message that better resonates with journalists, influencers, potential customers, and strategic partners.


Press Releases Published On Online PR Media Must:

  1. Have a legitimate news angle (announcing something new and/or timely)
  2. Contain proper attribution
  3. Be news from the company actually submitting the news
  4. Have an objective tone -- not be written in casual first person language (I, we, you, etc)
  5. Not contain overt sales language (Are YOU looking for ways to make money online??" "Buy now!!!")
  6. Not be from a site that offers adult products and services, escort services, illegal products and services, scams and pyramid schemes, or iPhone unlocking products
  7. Not advertise products that promote the use of any Google product including YouTube, Blogger, or Orkut
  8. Not be a duplicate of a previously submitted press release
  9. Not contain excessive links
  10. Contain a valid email and phone number
  11. Be at least 250 words

Online PR Media reserves the right to decline press release that we do not feel are appropriate for publication.

How To Fix Common Press Release Writing Mistakes

Does the release offer news from the company submitting the news?

The person or company submitting the news needs to be the owner of that news. For example, 'Joe's Cell Phone Shack' is not in the position to announce that Motorola has unveiled a new smart phone. A company that sells Cartier watches is not in the position to announce that Madonna appeared on Jay Leno wearing a Cartier watch. These are articles, not press releases.


Wrong (Unless You're Motorola):

Motorola Unveils New Smart Phone



Joe's Cell Phone Shack Will Now Offer Motorola's New MotoQ9H Smart Phone


Does the press release have proper attribution?

Releases that make sweeping generalized claims, such as, "XYZ Corporation is the 'best' marketing firm in the world," are not news, but opinions.



XYZ Corporation Is The Best Marketing Firm In the World



XYZ Corporation Named 'Best Marketing Firm' by Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce


Is the release written in third person?

If the release addresses readers as "you" or refers to the company as "we," it is written in first person. Press releases should be written in third person -- as if you were reading a story by an objective journalist -- not as if the company itself were talking directly to the customer.



If you like caramel apples, you should visit the caramel apple making booth at our fall apple festival.



The annual fall festival at Harvest Creations will feature a caramel apple making booth where kids can dip fresh apples into sweet caramel for a take-home treat.


Is there a legitimate news hook?

Press releases should have a news angle -- that's the point of writing and publishing a news announcement. One of the biggest challenges we see people facing is that they "announce" something they already do or have always done rather than something new.



Tuscaloosa Dentist Provides Teeth Whitening



Tuscaloosa Dentist Now Offering $199 Teeth Whitening Special Through June of 20xx


Does the headline and summary reflect the news story?

A press release headline should reflect the news angle -- the headline and summary are what capture or reader's attention and entice them to click through to learn more. While keywords should be included in the title, the title needs to be more than just keywords.



Boulder, Colorado Farmer's Market



Boulder, Colorado Farmer's Market Welcomes Three New Organic Food Vendors


Does the release utilize responsible linking?

We know that adding links is important. However, using too many URLs in a single release is considered "spammy" and unprofessional. A good rule of thumb is to not include more than 1 URL for every 150 words of text.


Is the press release in good taste?

Press releases that make reference to unsettled legal issues or are attempting to use Online PR Media as a platform to make accusations and slander others will not be approved. Our measurement of "good taste" is similar to Justice Potter Stewart's measurement of obscenity. It's difficult to define, but "you know it when you see it."

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