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Using Online PR to distribute our press release led to coverage of our story on multiple websites, which in turn led to multiple link backs. The links have boosted our Google ranking by about two places. The release also generated a lot of Twitter activity, raised awareness of our website, and increased our Twitter followers.

We've seen an increase in our membership on the site since sending out the release, and we have been able to communicate with a much larger Twitter following.

Steve Smith

Prior to using your service our Press Releases were showing little to no results in search engine results. However, the PR we have done through your site has made us more visible all over the internet!

We have easily been able to share 2 doctor testimonial videos with several of our customers, clients and prospective business partners. Shortly after joining Online PR Media and submitting the 2 doctor testimonials our administration went to Europe and spoke with several prospective clients, by having the easy access to the PR through the search engine results we were able to share the testimonials with ease and capture the attention of the prospective clients. Overall the trip was a success and business will be “booming” with in the next few months for PURE Rooms.

Jennifer Howe
Public Relations Specialist

The press releases have been instrumental in us receiving general higher visibility and specific keyword visibility. It has enabled us to have higher ranked keywords.It has further helped us to receive many valuable links.

Press releases are very helpful for new e.Commerce sites, it provides new sites with immediate and fast exposure on the web, in some instances we have received orders that were directly related to specific press releases.

Great, Great service

I'm a fan of Online PR Media, the company I work for uses it and I recommend it to others and here's why:

1. Google doesn't recognize all back links when you review back links for URLs via Google. However, the links from Online PR News to our websites are recognized links.

2. If you use Open Site Explorer to check "domain authority" of linking domains you will see that Online PR News has a high "domain authority" score.

3. Our websites receive additional traffic as a result of our press releases with Online PR News. Sales generated from one of our releases easily covered the cost of the release. So the release didn't cost us anything and we got a quality incoming link. So we achieve all of our goals with Online PR News: traffic, SEO, sales, PR - couldn't ask for more.

Thank you,
Nicole Berg

I have noticed my information getting into Google News faster than some of the other press release distribution agencies that I use. Since I am aware of some organizations watching what I am doing, this helps me to stand out even more for what I am doing.

I've also written several for a couple of friends which resulted in more traffic to their sites and another one ended up get a TV interview.

Thank you for providing a good service,
Dr. Taffy Wagner, CEPF
CEO of Money Talk Matters, LLC

Doing PR Marketing with Online PR Media has definitely made me more visible online.  I started off with not much online information about my company but after using the site I have seen more and more traffic coming from people who have found the link on Online PR Media. The biggest opportunities have been more awareness and new members to my site.


When we search on some keywords we used in your PRs, we find the PR coming up on the first page of search results. Google webmaster also lists you among one of our backlinks - and though we have numerous backlinks, Google lists you among a few others only. We track our traffic sources, and you have been one of them ever since we published our PRs with you.

I am satisfied with the return on investment.


When we launched our new site we were very anxious to get our site indexed and ranked on Google quickly.  The ultimate goal is to generate as much traffic as possible in order to convert the traffic to customers.

Press releases provides and ongoing source of traffic as the press releases get indexed quickly and we're allowed to have live links to our site within the press release.  One of the good things about using the press releases is that they are always there so that the traffic keeps coming.  This is in contrast to paid media traffic where the traffic stops as soon as you stop buying the traffic.

I just started my website, QuickMuscleBuildingTips.com about 3 days before doing my first press release with Online PR Media, so obviously I didn't have much traffic to speak of.  After just one simple press release (this one here). I was able to get over a 100 visitors in 2 days plus make a couple sales.  It doesn't seem like the traffic has slowed much and the SEO benefits haven't even kicked in yet.  I definitely will continue with the press releases there.

John Barry

Releasing Press Release on Online PR Media has allowed our marketing department to gain an edge on PR marketing. The live URL created by the website allows us to share these links with our clients, creating a variety of business opportunities to attracting traffic going through our website. In addition, we also try to use these links on our monthly newsletter, and through our daily interaction with clients.

In addition, We have deliberately add sensitive key words on throughout the press release content, also increasing the opportunities that it can be found through Google.com and other similar search engines. After using Online PR Media, the exposure of our products and services has increased by a wide margin, leading to company growth and sustainability in the market. Thanks

The press release from PR media not only gave the Carmazzi 1bag great online exposure with the various blogs that picked this up, but it was instrumental in getting us in 7 print magazines too.

The value of this exposure far far exceeded the cost of the service.

We will continue to use them again and again.

Press Release marketing with Online PR Media has been an essential part of our link-building campaigns both 

for ourselves and for our clients.  It continues to be the most relevant and effective method of increasing a site’s online presence and aiding in organic page ranking.

Through sharing of our press releases through our social network of friends, as well as on various social bookmarking sites we have made our network of friends aware of our focus and abilities, which has generated some new business referrals to our agency.

Will Tribke

Being in internet marketing myself I understand the value of online marketing including online PR. I was actually surprised, however, regarding the results I have seen with my online press releases.  I have been submitting press releases with OnlinePRMedia on average about once a month since March of this year and the response has been wonderful. 

Approximately 50% of the PRs that I submit get a response be it a new client or a new partner – both of which provides potential income for my business. 

The response rate has definitely be competitive with other online marketing initiatives and therefore I have included OnlinePRMedia in my package of service offerings for new and current clients touting the benefits of PR marketing.  I will continue my efforts to get even more PRs out to the public as well as recommending the service to my clients.  Thank you. 


Every month my business releases a press release for each one of our clients. We then compile a report for the client showing search engine results and re-posts of the release. As a fairly new user (about a month old) our releases from Online PR Media have created a lot of excitement among our clients about their newly increased online visibility. Our Volkswagen Touareg release (VW Touareg TDI Tackles Pan-American Highway in Record Time) made it to CBS Money Watch and About.com and another recent release (Ford Focus Electric Gets Ready To Make Some Noise) got tweeted to almost 21,000 users! We get so much positive feedback about these reports that it has created a new open dialogue between us and our clients about future content. We have also found that the anchor text in our releases has increased our search engine standings with all the keywords we are focusing on. 

Since signing up for Online PR Media we have seen an increase in not only our clients online visibility but also their happiness with our work. We believe this is going to pay off for us in the future with word-of-mouth references for our company.

Thank you,
Julie Lavargna | Media Outreach Specialist

The press release we sent out to promote the Tea Party we hosted in the Woodlands was a phenomenal success. The release helped raise media awareness of the event, which helped us receive more earned media coverage.  Also the event had several thousand people in attendance with a great number of those people purchasing tickets in advance.    The turnout was awesome and that was in no small part due to the exposure we gained through our press release.

Trent Derr
Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC

For business reasons I had to get my first press release done in a mega hurry.  I made mistakes.  What's more I made mistakes that I didn't even now I had made until a gentle email arrived in my inbox suggesting how I might make things better and where I might look for something I'd obviously missed.

I didn't go out looking for support - it came to me.  How much better can you get than that?

A great company.


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In real estate it is about location location location. Well in SEO it a about quality Backlinks Backlinks Backlinks. Your team has been able to get quality back links for my site from Press Releases sent out on Online PR Media and the press releases look fantastic and professional. Great Job!

Brian Burr, WholesaleHats.com
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