How to Write A Press Release

How to write a press releaseOdds Are... You are Missing Critical Opportunities When Writing Press Releases

... and these problems are so easy to fix. Point Blank. Press releases distributed online serve a DIFFERENT purpose and reach a DIFFERENT type of audience than they did in the past.

Running a PR site, we can tell you one thing for certain... most people are leaving money and visibility on the table because they are NOT taking advantage of the FIVE most critical ways to optimize their press release!

The "Results Driven Press Release Formula" eBook shows you step-by-step how to:

1. Gain a presence in Google News and/or Google organic search results for specific keyword phrases

2. Generate keyword rich, do-follow, anchor text backlinks to your website (this is a big factor in what determines where your website ranks in the search engines)

3. Get on the radar of specific key individuals or companies through Google Alerts

4. Drive up the positive online presence and credibility of your company (reputation management and brand development)

5. Evoke ACTION from your target audience

Press Releases are a part of any well-balanced SEO (search engine optimization) campaign or PR campaign. The thing is, most SEOs are NOT taking advantage of the PR potential of the press release and most PR people are NOT taking advantage of the search engine optimization aspects of the press release. Almost no one is taking advantage of the fact that a PR can serve as a multi-media landing page that can actually lead to a sale.

And that's exactly why we wrote this book. Priced at $29.95, we're giving this book away as a FREE download when you subscribe to our monthly "Power PR" newsletter where you'll get even more tips, strategies, and ideas for increasing your visibility.

STOP Leaving Opportunities on the Table For Others to Pick Up!

The thing is... if you're not grabbing these opportunities, someone else will. Even if there's no contender now, one always comes along and seems to swoop up all of the opportunities. Why shouldn't that be you?