China-Based RocheHandle Delivers Way for Global Furniture Companies to cut Costs

Those in the furniture world are finding a remarkable resource that makes this possible in Roche Handles, experts at affordable furniture handle manufacture

Online PR News – 16-May-2018

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province – It's a sound truth that there's often much less expensive ways to have furniture parts manufactured than doing it domestically. And when true professionals are used the quality is just as high or higher as local sources, but at a fraction of the cost. Leading the way in this area is China-based RocheHandle, a global leader in furniture handle manufacture of all kinds, with a shining reputation for quality, price, and speed. They are quickly becoming the resource of choice for a rising number of furniture companies spread across the world.

“We know just what it takes to deliver handles that meet or exceed our client's needs, while also delivering the best possible customer service,” remarked a spokesperson from Roche Handles. “We know in nearly every case we can deliver what is required on all levels while saving the people who work with us very significant amounts of money, which they can then direct into other areas.”

According to Roche Handles, the company has in stock over 10,000 handle molds, with the number rising every week. This means most brands will be easily able to find one that suits their needs, and if not Rochehandle is more than happy to design a custom solution.

Just a few of the kinds of handles available include, cabinet handles, kitchen handles, drawer handles, dresser handles, wardrobe handles, and industrial handles, with 100% stainless steel available.

Reviews for Roche Handles exceptional prices, quality, and service, have been overwhelmingly positive, with thumbs up all around.

Danny S., from London, recently said, “Competition in our industry is strong so when we can save money without delivering an inferior piece of furniture it's an ideal situation. Roche Handles has been our savior in many ways and took something that was hurting our ability to price correctly and completely reversed the situation.”

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