IMC Medical Center Introduces An Improved Treatment For Laser Hair Removal

The benefits of laser hair removal treatment

Online PR News – 09-August-2018

Dubai – Al Barsha Mall, Shop-F43
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The renowned medical center located in Al Barsha has recently introduced a technologically improved treatment, Nd:YAG for laser hair removal therapy. ND YAG treatment is used in the crystal form which is applied on solid state lasers. With laser hair removal therapy getting immensely popular in UAE, this medical center took an initiative to introduce new treatments that would prove to be much safer.
People often regard laser therapy to be a very intimidating process. Contrastingly, it is proclaimed that laser is a very simple procedure where medical experts use laser as a medium to destroy all hair roots, preventing it from growing any longer. It works best with thick, dark and coarse hair as the beam of light gets attracted to colour and pigmentation of the hair follicles.
It is proven to be very beneficial for those who are tired of booking waxing appointments every three weeks to get their body hair removed. Additionally, it is required to wait for the hair to outgrow so that it can be removed as fine hair cannot be easily removed through waxing. Furthermore, waxing is a very painful process especially on those individuals who have extremely sensitive skin. However, it has been claimed by many specialists that laser can be used on any skin type. Hence, laser can be a permanent solution to both waxing and shaving.
At IMC Medical Center, doctors have years of experience in the medical community which has enabled them to introduce new therapies for the comfort of their patients. Nd:YAG treatment operates at a higher wavelength than the traditional laser treatment where the laser targets dark pigments known as melanin. This is found in abundance at the base of the hair follicles. Melanin tends to absorb the light and destroy the hair follicles which is responsible for the hair growth.
At IMC, the team of doctors and nurses ensure that all safety measures are taken during the treatment. They also offer additional support after the treatment. In most cases there are n after effects seen, at the least they will have a slight rash which will disappear in a few hours.
Ms. Suzan Fatil Dalil, Beauty and Laser Therapist of IMC claims that “This new treatment is definitely a faster procedure as it is functioned at a higher wavelength. Through laser, me and my team aim to eradicate all the hair follicles that could come in the way of showing off your body. It is indeed a much convenient treatment than waxing and shaving.”

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