Call for Paper Submission At The 12th IBA International Conference

Indus Business Academy (IBA) Redifining Human, Society and Corporation Relationship at its campus on 20th & 21st September, 2019.

Online PR News – 12-May-2019

Bangalore – Indus Business Academy (IBA) Bangalore is organizing International Conference on Corporate Spiritual and Social Spirituality: Redifining Human, Society and Corporation Relationship at its campus on 20th & 21st September, 2019. Conference Chief Patron is Shri Manish Jain, Founder and CEO, Indus Business Academy, Bangalore and the conference chair is Prof Subhash Sharma, Director Indus Business Academy Bangalore.
About The Conference
Corporations exist in society but they usually do not realize their responsibility to self, culture, societies and the world. Corporations are conceptualized as legal persons with rights but unlike human beings they cannot be held culpable for their wrongs. The concept of person in many cultural, philosophical, religious and spiritual traditions of the world has not only a functional dimension of performance of role but has a transcendental dimension. But the tragedy of modern law and society is that while corporations are granted legal rights of persons the transcendental aspect of personhood is rarely explored. But the discourse of corporations are used by owners to appropriate wealth and resources creating havoc, inequality and suffering in ecological, social, cultural and spiritual environments. With this foundational limitation, there has emerged a discourse of corporate social responsibility. In India there have been laws about corporate social responsibility where corporations above a certain ceiling of profits are required to invest it in socially beneficial causes or donate it to actors and movements working on it.
In the conference, IBA would like to explore the vision and practice of corporate spiritual responsibility (including ecological, ethical and moral responsibility) which can help us transform existing conceptions and practices of corporations. It explores the frames and ways of responsibility which goes beyond existing polarities such as state and market, market and NGOs and lead to closer interactions among actors leading to transformation towards a holistic vision of development. It also explores how corporate spiritual responsibility can transform the existing discourse of corporate social responsibility. In our conference, we also explore cases of corporations and service delivery groups which follow a spiritual approach to self, society, market by pointing to the need for cultivating the dimension of love, care and responsibility—our potential real higher self—and not just be a slave of narrow self-interest.
Corporate spiritual responsibility strives to rethink corporations and individuals as part of an ecology of relationships inhabited by human, social, Nature and the Divine—all understood in a very broad sense and not in a narrow, dogmatic way. We also want to specifically focus on how corporations should address themselves to the spiritual challenges of their own employees, society and humanity. Many of the employees of corporations are going through pain, stress, burnout and lack and crisis of meaning. Existing counselling and therapy programs are inadequate to address these problems. Corporations must put their own houses in order by transforming them into ecologies of well-being and creativity and not just money-making machines. In essence they should contribute towards realization of the vision of integral and holistic development the human society.
IBA is inviting paper submissions on the above theme by educators and students.
Conference Awards
It is proposed to award a cash prize of ₹25,000 for Best Paper, ₹15,000 for Best Doctoral paper and ₹8000 for Best Student paper. The conference committee reserves the right not to award any prize.
The participants can register themselves at the conference website by paying the requisite fee for the mentioned category.
Selected papers that are presented at the conference will be considered for publication in the half-yearly journal 3-D- IBA Journal of Management and Leadership published by IBA. Accepted conference papers will be published as proceedings in a CD-ROM and will be provided to all registered participants.
Further details about the conference, the process of paper submission, and important dates can be found at IBA website.

Contact Information
Manish Jain
Indus Business Academy
Bangalore Karanataka, 560062
93410 19395