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How to get free publicityHere's EXACTLY How To Get Tons of Free Publicity For Your Business…

You know that competitor of yours. The one that seems to be the media darling, the "go to" person to quote, the industry "benchmark."

They probably don't even have a better product than yours. But that doesn't really matter. What matters is that journalists, industry "pundits", bloggers, reporters, podcasters, and anyone with a publishing platform is talking them up. They're reaping the benefits of a snowball effect of publicity.

This book gives you a step-by-step plan on how to get that snowball rolling.

It's a lot easier than you may think. And though it takes a bit of time, most everything you need to do to accomplish this doesn't cost any money.

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What most people don't realize is that journalists are HUNGRY for content. Starving, really. If you've ever attempted to operate even a simple blog for your business, you know how difficult it can be to come up with topics on a regular basis.

Now imagine you had to come up with fresh content every single day. Or every hour like a radio station or podcast channel does. Or if you are one of the thousands of trade journals and magazines that need to feed their readers new content that is interesting enough to keep them paying for subscriptions. Their bosses are putting the pressure on them to get more interesting content churned out faster. "GROW THE READERSHIP NUMBERS."

No one journalist or radio show host or podcast host can possibly generate that much content alone. Think about it, a good journalist or show host doesn't sit there and talk at you. They bring in guests. They interview people. They create interesting stories based on other people's expertise.

And that's where you come in.

You have the expertise. They have the platform. You need them and they need you. Now you just need to get in front of them and show them why they need you.

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This isn't just theoretical information. We interviewed bloggers, writers, podcast show hosts -- people that have platforms and are looking for content.

bloggers journalists

We didn't mince words.

We asked them to tell us EXACTLY what works for getting through to their hearts and into their publications. We asked them what annoys the hell out of them and makes them slam the proverbial door of opportunity in people's faces.

And we interviewed people who used these strategies to land placement in big-time media.

smart entreprenuers

• People like Sarah Baldwin who, without hiring a fancy PR firm, got her product in front of the right person at Good Morning America and onto the pre-Christmas "Deals and Steals" list.

• People like author Leanne Hoagland-Smith, who by using the (very simple) strategies she shares in the pages of this book, has been interviewed and quoted by ABC News and the New York Times.

• People like Steven Lowell, who shares the 6 essential tips he used to build relationships with the media that resulted in his being invited to a talk show, quoted in USA Today and mentioned on MSNBC.

• People like Darron Cardosa who turned one brilliant question to his Facebook fans into a feature spot on CBS Sunday Morning.

How would it change the perception of your business if you could display logos like this all over your site?

Media Logos

It's not difficult to do. These folks just know something you don't know, but not for long.

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Yes, this info has a price tag. If you aren't motivated to spend $4.99 on this info, then you probably aren't ready to dig in and do what it takes to increase your visibility anyway. Maybe you're not confident in enough in your business at the moment. Don't worry. Bookmark the page and come back when you are.

But if you do invest $4.99 and you actually DO the steps in this book, we promise you that you will make that MANY TIMES OVER. If you don't, please let Tara and I know and we will send you a refund immediately.

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P.S. Every sales page has a P.S. Instead of a tricky "but wait, there's more" pitch, we're just going to congratulate you for being interested enough in the success of your business to read this far. We work with a lot of businesses -- large and small -- and you might be surprised at how many people could care less about really improving their business vs. just "making money." To gain publicity, you need to have heart -- and you must to be reading all the way down here. Congrats to you and here's to your success!